June 24, 2024
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Still the Best RV Cell Signal Booster in 2024 – Weboost Drive Reach RV

Since it’s release in 2020, the Weboost Drive Reach continues to be the best cell phone booster for mobile use in your RV, van or camper. It boosts cell signals both while driving and while parked.

The RV version of the Drive Reach is based on the very popular Drive Reach mobile cell phone booster that came out in May of 2019. The Drive Reach RV has been performing very well compared to previous mobile cell phone boosters on the market. This is primarily due to its higher uplink power level allowing it to “reach” cell phone towers that are farther away

During our RV trip to Alaska in 2022 and through Baja Mexico in 2023 there were long stretches of highway with no cell-service. Using the booster during those legs of our journey really helped our cell signal last as long as possible before ultimately dropping off until ultimately arriving at the next town. This booster remains a solid tool in our communication arsenal when on the road.

If you’re stationary and frequently camp in areas with weak cell coverage or obstructions, you might consider the Weboost Destination RV booster with it’s high power directional antenna.

Full VIDEO review of the Weboost Drive Reach RV Cell Phone Booster

Weboost Drive Reach RV Cell Phone Booster

RV With Tito

This kit is designed for RVs, trailers and campers and includes the powerful Drive Reach Cell Phone booster, external antenna with spring mount and mast extension, internal antenna, plus all 26 ft of cable and adapters to wire a large RV.
Mobile Network Compatibility (Supports all US mobile carriers)
Multi-user Support (Yes)
External Antenna Range (highest available)
In vehicle Antenna Range (Average)
Power Consumption (< 1 amp at 5 volts DC)
Ease of Installation (Easy setup, cabling install will vary)
Ease of use (plug-and-play)
Equipment and Accessories Included (mounting and cables incl. but no DC-DC wiring kit)
Price ($499 – Average for this type of kit)
Manufacturer Warranty (2 years)


PROS: This is the most powerful and effective multi-user mobile RV cell phone booster on the market designed to reach cell towers at distances up to 74% farther away than comparable boosters.

CONS: Internal antenna range continues to be limited to just a few feet. Also a hardwire DC power adapter kit is not included. I would recommend using the DC hardwired kit connected directly to your 12 volt batteries and not have to rely on A/C power.

OVERALL: This is the go-to RV cell phone booster package I would recommend for RV owners looking to improve their cell signal quality in remote areas.


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CONCLUSION: Should you buy a Drive Reach RV?

The Drive Reach has proven to be the next generation of mobile cell phone booster surpassing its predecessors. For this reason I believe it to be the top mobile cell phone booster to buy for your RV. 

There’s no denying that the Drive Reach RV has a range that surpasses its predecessors. My field testing has confirmed that the Drive Reach (with the smaller vehicle antennas) was able to reach 4G cell towers that other boosters were unable to reach. You can see those results for yourself in my 2019 Drive Reach review.

Nevertheless, I recommend you consider all of your options before making the decision to buy one of these or any cell phone booster.

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