October 24, 2020

Best RV Cell Signal Booster in 2020 – weBoost Drive X RV

Released in 2019 the weBoost Drive X RV is the flagship RV cell phone booster for mobile use. The Drive X RV replaces the popular weBoost Drive 4G-X RV and includes improvements which give it a slightly better boost over its predecessor. Is it worth buying? Let’s take a closer look at the Drive X RV and find out.

Watch my full review of the Drive X RV in this video.

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Here is what comes with the Drive X RV booster

  • Drive X Mobile Booster with Five Bands and Multi-user access
  • High Gain OTR Omni-directional External Antenna with extension rod
  • External Antenna Mounting Kit with Spring Mount
  • Desktop Internal Antenna
  • Internal and External Antenna Coax Cable
  • AC and DC power adapters
  • Cable ties, mounts, cable entry gland and hole drill bit

Better Than Drive 4G-X RV

What gives the Drive X RV a slight advantage over its predecessor is the higher gain OTR antenna and extension rod. The main amplifier (a.k.a. the booster) of the Drive X is identical to the Drive 4G-X amplifier.

The OTR (Over The Road) antenna was previously only available with the OTR trucker kit. However, many RV owners also started using the OTR antenna with their RV booster because it had a higher gain than the RV antenna. My test results confirm that the OTR antenna does result in a slightly stronger boost compared to the Drive 4G-X RV booster.

An antenna extension rod is also included with the package to lift the OTR antenna obove any obstructions on the roof. Raising the antenna is a proven technique for improving access to distant cell towers. The Connect RV 65 booster, though intended for stationary use, also includes a 25 ft pole for this purpose.

Should You Upgrade From the Drive 4G-X RV?

The main advantage the Drive X RV has over the Drive 4g-X RV is the higher gain external antenna. So I see no need to upgrade from the Drive 4G-X RV.

Purchasing just external antenna and connecting it to your Drive 4G-X RV booster will give you all of the advanges of the Drive X RV. You can buy the Drive X RV antenna and mounting hardward separately here.

Don’t Need That Much Boost? Try A Cradle Booster

If you just need to boost one cell phone or mobile hotspot, you might consider a cradle booster like the weBoost Drive Sleek. It mounts on your dashboard or windshield and has no internal antenna to mess with. The boost isn’t as high as the other models as it is designed for use with a single phone. If you’re on a tight budget, then this unit will give you a decent boost at a much smaller price tag.

I think a cradle booster is perfect if you just need to use a mobile hotspot for internet, or if you want something you can move between your RV and another vehicle.

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