June 24, 2024

65 dB Weboost Destination RV Cell Phone Booster for Stationary Use

The Weboost Destination RV cell phone booster is an upgrade to the popular Connect RV 65 stationary use cell phone booster released in 2018. Like its predecessor, the Destination RV booster provides the highest boost level available in an RV booster and can’t be used while driving. It’s also priced higher than its counterpart, the Drive Reach RV booster.

Let’s take a closer look at the Weboost Destination RV booster and find out why you might consider it over the Drive Reach RV.

A Home Booster Adapted for RV Use

The Destination RV cell phone booster is basically a Weboost MultiRoom Home cell phone booster adapted for RV use. As a home booster the MultiRoom booster amplifier (with its 65 dB signal boost) can cover a larger area inside your RV and upgraded inside antenna.

The higher signal amplification can also cause problems when the inside and outside antennas are too mounted too close to each other.

This condition is called oscillation and occurs when the amplified signal from inside the RV is picked up by the outside antenna. The outside antenna should only be picking up signals from distant cell towers.

A directional YAGI style antenna mounted to a 25 foot telescoping pole is also included in the Destination RV package. When installed properly on a larger RV, there should be plenty of horizontal and vertical separation between antennas to avoid oscillation.

Does this mean that the Destination RV is only for large RVs? Mostly…yes. You could install it on a small RV or trailer as long as you mount the pole and direction antenna far enough away from the antenna inside. In most cases though, I’d recommend the Drive Reach RV Booster Kit if you have a small RV, trailer, van or truck camper.

Better Range Inside the RV

The higher 65 dB power output also improves the coverage inside the RV. Other booster models such as the Drive Reach RV have limited inside coverage requiring you to place your mobile device very close to the inside antenna.

The Destination RV package includes a high gain flat panel inside antenna that can broadcast the boosted signal throughout most of your RV. The signal will still be stronger when you’re closer to the antenna, but you should get a decent boost when further away as well.

Expect Some Setup Each Time You Arrive at Camp

The directional antenna and extension pole setup will need to be setup and adjusted each time you setup camp. Once mounted to the pole, the directional antenna needs to be pointed in the general direction of the cell tower you’re trying to reach.

Setting up the antenna may take a bit of time to get it dialed in, but smartphone apps like Network Cell Info Lite (Android), Open Signal, and sites like Cellmapper.net can help locate towers near you.

Full VIDEO Review of the WeBoost Desination RV Cell Phone Booster. For more info available here

Weboost Destination RV Cell Phone Booster

RV With Tito

Mobile Network Compatibility (Supports all US carriers; includes Sprint band 25)
Multi-user Support (Yes)
Signal Boost (65 dB – Highest available)
Inside Antenna Range (Best)
Power Consumption (< 1 amp at 5 volts DC)
Ease of Setup/Installation (Pole setup and antenna aiming required each time)
Ease of use (plug-and-play)
Equipment and Accessories Included (mounting equipment, AC and DC wiring kit included)
Price ($649) – Discount Available (below)
Manufacturer Warranty (2 years)


PROS: Provides the highest boost level available for RVs. Can target specific cell towers with directional antenna. Pole mounted direction antenna can get above obstacles that could be blocking signals. Internal antenna coverage is the best available in an RV offering boosted signals throughout the RV. Finally, Band 25, used by Sprint, is not supported by older boosters.

CONS: Can only be used while stationary. Requires setup each time to extend pole, locate cell towers and aim the directional antenna. Best suited for larger RVs. Higher cost.


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CONCLUSION: Should you buy a Destination RV?

This booster package can provide the best overall signal boost if you don’t mind a little setup each time and don’t need to get a boosted signal while driving. If would be perfect if you plan on staying in one location for a while, or maybe have a seasonal home-base.

If you have a small camper or don’t want to bother with setup each time, I’d look at the Drive Reach RV instead which I believe to be the best overall RV booster for most RVers.

Should you upgrade if you have a Connect RV 65? There aren’t enough additional features in the Destination RV to justify the upgrade (in my opinion) unless you use Sprint (now T-Mobile). Band 25 used by Sprint is not supported by older boosters, but the Destination RV can boost Band 25 signals just fine.

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