June 24, 2024

Who is Tito?

Who Is Tito - RVWITHTITO.com

I get this question quite a bit. So let me tell you about Tito. Back in 2007 we thought we needed an RV mascot. Remember the Travelocity Gnome? Well, Tito was our version of the gnome. We would actually pose him in different places and take his picture. The picture above is Tito in Death Valley (circa 2008). Tito has gotten around and we’ve got picture proof.

Why the name Tito? Our kids gave him that name. On our very first RV outing, my daughter’s friend suggested we name him after the character Tito Makani from the TV show Rocket Power. So, Tito it was.

For many years we kept a full-sized Tito in the RV until his grass skirt started to fall off. Nobody needs to stare at that while they drive. I repaired Big Tito’s skirt with a little hot glue then retired him from active RV travel. He now hangs out with me in the workshop.

We adopted a half-sized Tito Jr. who travels with us to this day. So, I guess you could say that we RV with Tito.

Tito On the Dash - RVWITHTITO.com

RVing with Tito to Alaska in 2022

RV With Tito has been the name of this website ever since 2008 when I first started blogging about or RV life. “RVing with Brian” sounded pretty dull, so “RV With Tito” it was.

In 2010, I thought I’d make a couple videos fixing things in the RV. Who knew there were people who actually watched those videos? That was it. The RV With Tito YouTube Channel was born. The rest is history as they say.

It’s true. I get called Tito all the time and I’m OK with that. Even my own family calls me Tito. My favorite nickname came from one of my long-term YouTube subscribers Ray who calls me “Brito“.  You can call me whatever you want 🙂