October 26, 2021

About Us

This site is packed full of DIY projects with instructional videos on topics like solar power, boondockingRV maintenance and several DIY upgrades to help you get the most out of your RV experience. My goal is to give you the confidence to work on your RV and take on projects that can really make a difference and save you money.

Why An RV Site Focused on DIY?

The simple truth is that RV ownership comes with its own set of problems that need solutions. You can either pay someone to solve problems for you, or you can save your money and learn to do it yourself. I believe you can do it and I want to help get you there.

Developing the knowledge and skill to accomplish something yourself will not only save you lots of money, you’ll also gain the confidence and satisfaction that goes along with each accomplishment. 

I’ve experienced this multiple times in my own life and also through those I’ve been able to help through my videos and projects. Here’s one example:

Thanks for taking the time to share these projects. I really enjoy them and they provide a sense of CAN DO. I’ve been thinking of trying some of these repairs but have been hesitant. The details, instructions and supply lists are very helpful. I feel ready to take on the project now. Thanks again! ~Mark

Do you want to take RVing to the next level and go boondocking with confidence in wild remote places? You can avoid most of the anxiety of “what if this happens?” by becoming self-reliant. With a basic understanding of how things work and the necessary tools and materials, you be ready to resolve problems yourself far away from any RV service center.  You may even be able to help a fellow RVer in need.

Our RVing Life

My wife Melissa and I have been RVing since 2007. We started RVing as a family with our two kids. We’d take RV trips all over the Western US each year visiting National Parks and attractions along the way while experiencing life on the road. The kids, well they grew up and are now living lives of their own.

We eventually decided that it was time to scale back our busy lives and free ourselves up to travel more. We both share a deep desire to help others. Me, I wanted to continue teaching fellow RVers about off-grid solar power and DIY. Melissa would pursue her own path in health and fitness coaching. So in 2018, we both retired from our corporate jobs of 30 years and started on a new path which keeps us on the road part time and at home in Washington part time.

RVWITHTITO - Our Class C Motorhome
Boondocking in the Southwest is what we enjoy the most

Follow our travels, boondocking adventures and DIY projects on Instagram to see what we’re up to.

Our RV is a 2007 32 foot Class C. We’ve made many upgrades through the years including some recent major renovations to suit our lifestyle.

In this article and video we share our story of how we transitioned from RV parks to RVing off-the-grid. Spoiler alert: Melissa was not on-board at first. Check it out. 

We were also interviewed on Season 2 of TheRVers TV Show in a short segment called “On The Road”. You can watch our On The Road interview here.

Who Is Tito? Are you Tito?

I get this question quite a bit. So let me tell you about Tito.

RVwithTito - Who is Tito

My name is Brian, not Tito. Tito is actually the name of our little mascott who lives on the dashboard of our motorhome. Our kids gave him that name. I guess you could say that we go RVing with Tito.

RV With Tito has been the name of this website ever since 2008 when I first started blogging about or RV life. “RVing with Brian” sounded pretty boring, so “RV With Tito” it was.

Around 2010, I thought I’d share a couple videos showing how I fixed a couple things in the RV. Thus the RV With Tito YouTube Channel was born. The rest of the social media channels naturally followed and, as they say, the rest is history.

Of course, lots of people call me Tito now. Even my own family calls me Tito. But my favorite nickname came from one of my long-term YouTube subscribers Ray who calls me “Brito“.  You can call me whatever you want 🙂

Thanks for visiting!

Brian Pursel (founder of RVwithTITO)