October 2, 2023

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Off-Grid System Design Diagram for 50 Amp Trailer/Motorhome

A high resolution version of our off-grid solar system diagram for 50 amp RVs.

In 2021 we started retrofitting our 2003 Winnebago motorhome with this ultimate off-grid power system for full-time boondocking. The system has 1,740 watts of solar and 810 Amp Hours of Lithium Batteries for starters.

BONUS: To help in sourcing parts for your system, I’ve included a full parts list that includes supplier links and discount codes (when available).

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RV Solar Panel Guide

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about solar panels.

Topics: How many panels do you need? • What is solar efficiency • Charging lithium vs lead acid batteries • Solar charge controllers • Connecting in series vs parallel • Traditional vs flexible solar panels • Solar panel size and outputs