April 8, 2020

How To Stay Cool While Boondocking

Staying cool in hot climates can be difficult and costly in terms of electrical consumption. Running a power generator and air conditioner for prolonged periods is simply not a sustainable option when remote camping. This is especially true if running off of solar. Some have tried.

Can you really power an RV Air Conditioner on Solar? from Technomadia.com

Once your rig gets hot, it is very difficult to cool it back down. So the key is to keep it from getting too hot in the first place, starting in the morning when it’s cool. Here are some tips:

Windows and Shade

Most of the heat inside your RV comes from heat radiating off of your windows. Positioning your RV to minimize the amount of direct sunlight on your windows will help. You can also insulate your windows as needed. Cut pieces of reflective insulation (the bubble wrap kind) and place them in your windows during the hot part of the day.


Built in vent fans are pretty effective at extracting heat and improving airflow in your RV. Some fans like our Fantastic Vents, are thermostat controlled and will automatically turn the fan on when it starts warming up.

I also keep an inexpensive portable fan in the RV. It produces a lot of air flow when and where you need it uses very little electricity. It also comes in very handy outside to keeping mosquitos away.

Park your RV so that the early or late date sun hits either the front or rear of the RV and not the sides. During the hottest part of the day, keep the sun on the awning side of your RV. That way you can use your awning to create shade. The more you can keep sun off of your windows the better.

Can’t Stand the Heat? Head to Cooler Climate

The great advantage of owning an RV is that you can pick up and move whenever you want. So the best suggestion I can offer for keeping cool is to avoid hot climates all together. There are campsites everywhere. So when temperatures climb, it’s best to avoid the heat alltogether and move to a higher elevation or head North.

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