April 5, 2020

How To Install a Fantastic Vent / Fan

Here is an upgrade sure to make your RV or trailer really cool. We replaced one of our existing roof vents with a Fan-Tastic Vent that has a reversible and variable fan. It also has an automatic thermostat. With the new vent we can create more airflow in our RV kitchen area to cool the rig down or vent cooking smells, steam and smoke.

In the video I’ll show you how I removed the old vent, prepared the roof for the new vent, installed the Fan-Tastic vent, waterproofed the installation, and wired it all up. The new vent has been working great.

What you will need for this project

Fan-Tastic Vent Fan

The fan comes equiped with a built in thermostat and forward/reverse switch. You can also get a smoked glass lid or white.

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Dicor Butyl Putty Tape

You’ll need a roll of this to create a water tight seal between the vent and your roof. One roll will last for multiple jobs.

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This Dicor Lap Sealant

Dicor is handy for sealing up just about everything on your roof. Use it to cover the screws and around the edges of your fan. I recommend getting a couple of these for regular waterproofing touch up on your RV roof.

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MaxxAir Vent Cover

A vent cover comes in very handy when you want to leave vents open while away or when it’s raining. They provided added security and allow you to keep the air flowing year round 24/7.

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