June 24, 2024

RV Toilet Seal Replacement

There is no need to pay a lot of money to fix the seal on your RV toilet. I’ll show you step-by-step how to do your own RV toilet seal replacement for under $15.

Once your RV toilet seal leaks it’s simply a matter of time before you’ll have to replace it. Replacing the seal is easier than you think.

The Problem – RV Toilet Will Not Hold Water

Keeping a little water in the toilet bowl creates a airtight barrier between your wastewater tank and living space. If you are having trouble keeping water in your RV toilet, then you probably have a worn out seal.

The rubber seals will wear out over time – more frequently if you keep your RV in storage. Once the seal is allowed to dry out, it will probably start leaking more frequently.

Materials You Will Need For This Project

The Fix – Replace Worn Toilet Seals

Step-by-step Instructions to replace the RV toilet seal

  1. Clean your toilet because nobody wants to work on a dirty toilet. Gross!
  2. Determine the type and model of RV toilet
  3. Order replacement toilet seals for your model of RV toilet
  4. Turn off your water supply (water pump or water service)
  5. Disconnect the water supply lines from your toilet and use a bowl to catch the water
  6. Remove the toilet by unscrewing the two bolts holding the toilet to the floor
  7. Lift the toilet off the ground and place on a towel (plug the black tank hole with a rag if it stinks in there)
  8. Locate the bolts and clamps on the toilet holding the bowl to the base
  9. Remove the bolts and lift the bowl off to reveal the seal
  10. Remove the old bowl valve seal and clean the area
  11. Remove the old bottom seal from the toilet base and clean the area
  12. Insert the new valve seal TIP: Rub some plumbers grease on the bottom of the new seal to keep it from sliding around while to reattach the bowl
  13. Insert the new bottom seal between the base and tank opening
  14. Re attach the bowl to the base making sure the new seal is centered over the ball valve
  15. Re attach the toilet to the floor by positioning the toilet over the mounting holes and fastening down the two bolts. (Note the new seal will compress as you fasten the bolts)
  16. Attach water lines and turn the water supply back on
  17. Test the operation of your toilet and check for leaks