June 24, 2024

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Battery and tank monitoring has a new look. The SIMARINE PICO Smart Monitors provide a very attractive upgrade to traditional RV battery monitor and tank monitoring systems.

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Here’s what the PICO Smart Monitor looks like installed in my RV.

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When I first saw the cool PICO battery monitor display, I couldn’t wait to get it installed in my RV. When I looked into it further, I realized there was MUCH MORE to this monitoring system than just a nice battery monitoring system. I could also monitor tank levels and other power sources from the same display.

The colorful gauges and graphics are very attractive and easily understood by EVERYONE.

I installed the PICO Blue system in my RV to replace my original battery monitoring system. Adding the PICO tank module and quad shunt module lets me see tank levels, how much battery power I have, and current draw from other 12 volt circuits.

Here’s a video explaining the features of the PICO Smart Monitor with some tips for installing the PICO system in an RV.

PICO Monitor RV Wiring Diagram

This wiring diagram shows how the PICO modules are connected in the RV:

SIMARINE PICO RV Installation Wiring Diagram

Which PICO Package Is Right For You?

The SIMARINE PICO system is a modular system. So you can pick and choose which modules you’ll need. You can also choose one of the SIMARINE monitoring packages which is what I recommend.

PICO ONE Monitor Package

The PICO One package is the most basic package. It comes with the combo shunt module that can be setup to monitor a single battery bank and a couple of tank or temperature sensors. The only downside is that the PICO One can’t be expanded to use other SIMARINE modules.


The PICO STANDARD package is the one I recommend for RV owners interested in upgrading to the PICO. The standard package provides a great entry point into the PICO system. It can also be expanded with additional shunts and SIMARINE modules if necessary.

The shunt module allows you to setup battery monitoring and temperature monitoring for your house battery bank. The included tank module gives you plenty of tank sensor inputs to monitor your fresh water, gray, black and LP tank levels.


The PICO BLUE package includes everything from the STANDARD package plus the quadro combo shunt module. The quad shunt includes four shunts for monitoring more DC circuits plus more tank sensor inputs. I have this package installed in my RV.