April 5, 2020

What Kind Of Solar Panels Should You Buy?

Traditional solar panels have a glass surface and metal frame. There are also semi-flexible solar panels available that are lighter and suitable for rounded or irregular surfaces. Both types contain solar cells that generate power from the sun. Solar cells are one of three types (monocrystalline, poly-crystalline, and thin film). Here is a brief description of each and why you might choose one over the other.

In this video, I go through the key features of flexible solar panels available today. Watch the video.

I have both Monocrystalline and Thin Film flexible panels on my RV. The semi-flexible panels have worked very well for my needs. I prefer them because they are not visible from the ground, they don’t abstruct or clutter up my roof (I can walk on them), and they don’t prevent me from accessing anything on my roof.

Here is a full list of solar panels and equipment on our RV

Fixed vs Portable

Fixed solar panels are permanently mounted to the RV roof and wired to a solar charge controller that charges your battery bank. Portable solar kits like the Go Power kit provide an affordable way to incorporate solar charging without costly installation. Portable solar kits can also expand or supplement an RV’s existing solar charging capability without needing additional installation.

Here are some other pre-configured solar kits to choose from

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