April 8, 2020

Secure Your RV Storage Compartments – Replace CH751 Locks

Did you know that many RVs, travel trailers and fifth wheel trailers share the same key for their storage compartments? It’s true. You can use your key tp open comparments on other RVs. It is a dirty little secret in the RV industry. In fact, while attending the 2017 Seattle RV Show last month, I looked around at some RVs and saw many of these locks on brand new RVs.

Well there is a solution. I’ve known that my RV had these locks and have noticed them wearing out over time. So it was time to replace them.

What I wanted was to replace all of my exterior storage compartment locks plus add a lock to my gas cap. All totalled, 12 locks needed to be replaced. Unfortunately I couldn’t find packages of more than five replacement cam locks on Amazon (which is where I buy just about everything). So I poked around for another option.

I ended up ordering my replacement locks from Industrial Lock and Hardware. They are located in Palmdale, California and specialize in CH751 lock replacements. You can now get 10% off of your order when you use the “RVWITHTITO” coupon code.

Get 10% OFF at https://shoprvlocks.com with RVWITHTITO Coupon Code

To place my order, I had to first count and measure the locks, latches and sizes that I needed. Then using their handy worksheet, I filled out the order form. In just a few days, I received my new locks carefully organized and shrink wrapped.

Installing the new locks was a breeze as I demonstrate in the video. Now I have a single key that unlocks all 12 locks and do not have to worry about anyone else having my key.

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