July 18, 2024

LECTRIC XPeak E-Bike – A Versatile All-Terrain Cruiser

The LECTRIC XPeak is an all-terrain e-bike designed for demanding terrain, and you do NOT have to be off-road to enjoy this bike. The equipment and upgrades LECTRIC put into the XPeak for off-roading also make it a versatile, stable, safe, and fun e-bike for everyday use.

Fat tire e-bikes that can handle roads, trails plus occasional off-roading have been very popular. Large frame fat-tire e-bikes like the XPeak provide additional stability, comfort and power that many are looking for. 

The XPeak delivers this versatility in both high-step and step-through frame models. The step-through model specifically will appeal to a broader group of riders needing more accessibility. 

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced full-sized eBike that is fun to ride in all types of terrain, the XPeak may be worth considering. It certainly makes a good first impression, but let’s take a closer look. 

Standout Features

Here are some features of the XPeak that stood out to us during our review. 

Sleek Design

The partial integration of the battery in the neck and lack of cable clutter give this bike a nice clean look. At first glance, the XPeak may not even appear to be an e-bike.

Very Stable Ride

The large 26 inch fat tires and front suspension provide a very stable and controlled riding experience. Small variations in road surface and terrain are no-longer a concern. Transitioning from pavement to gravel shoulders is very smooth on this bike.

Ultra Quiet Motor

It can’t be understated how quiet the hub motor is. Even when under load or while climbing, you can barely hear it. LECTRIC states that this motor is 400% quieter than previous motors, and I believe it. 

Smoother Pedal Assist and Power Management

Pedaling, accelerating and shifting is much more natural compared to previous XP e-bike models with rear hub motors. You can feel the power being applied smoothly. It feels very natural as you start pedaling and increasing your pedal assist level. Then it gradually backs off once you stop pedaling. 

Not Big and Bulky

To my surprise, the bike was not as big and heavy as I thought it would be. In fact, at 67 pounds, it is just three pounds heavier than the LECTRIC XP 3.0. Remove the front wheel and the weight drops to 57 pounds. This makes it pretty manageable when loading it onto a bike rack or into your vehicle. 

No Cable Clutter

Cables are mostly hidden in the frame of the XPeak. From the handlebars, the cables are run into a hole on the side of the frame. The result is a much cleaner and streamlined look. 

Large Removable Pedals

The foot pedals have a quick release feature which allows them to be quickly and easily removed from the bike. This has two benefits:

  • First: the bike can lay flat on its side when transporting. 
  • Second: Removing the pedals can be a theft deterrent making it difficult to steal and ride away

Key Component Specifications of the XPeak e-Bike

  • Wheels & Tires: 26” x 4” knobby Fat Tires
  • Removable Front Wheel: Front through-axle for tool-free installation and removal
  • Front Suspension: RST Renegade suspension fork with 80mm of travel
  • Battery: Semi integrated and lockable 48V – 14Ah Lithium-Ion battery in bike frame
  • Motor: Powerful and ultra-quiet 750W rear hub motor with 1340 Watt peak output 
  • Pedals: Large quick-release metal pedals
  • Brakes: Hydraulic Brakes with 180mm rotors
  • Pedal Assist (PA): Smooth 5 level Pedal Assist with LECTRIC’s latest PWR technology
  • Throttle: Thumb throttle
  • Safety: UL 2849 compliant battery, drivetrain and charging system PLUS ISO 4210 eMTB safety certified
  • Transmission: 7 Speed Shimano shifter and Tourney Derailleur
  • Handlebar: Wide handlebar for added control
  • Range: 20 – 35 miles depending on terrain, speed, and riding style

Easy To Assemble – No Tools Required

The XPeak is shipped fully assembled with quick-release components detached. There are no tools required. Here are the steps to get the bike ready to ride: 

  1. Attach the front wheel by inserting and securing the quick release through axle
  2. Attach the removable pedals (labeled R and L)
  3. Insert and adjust the seat
  4. Connect the controller cable
  5. Activate battery

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What Is The Riding Experience Like?

The XPeak is a joy to ride on paved roads, dirt roads, bike paths as well as trails. 

Not being an avid mountain biker, I can’t speak with authority of how the XPeak compares to other all-terrain e-bikes. What I can share is how it performs on rugged terrain compared to the other bikes in the LECTRIC line-up. 

The 26 inch x 4 inch tires, rugged front suspension, and 1300W peak motor gives it a major edge over XP 2.0, 3.0, Lite and XPremium in all types of terrain. 

Having personally ridden all of these bikes on different types of trails, my vote goes to the XPeak for overall stability, smoothness, power and control.

Is the XPeak a Mountain Bike?

The answer will vary depending on who you talk to and what their definition of an eMTB is. The XPeak has the basic equipment and safety features that make it off-road capable. However, some avid mountain bikers are more critical of this eMTB classification.  

So it boils down to YOU, the rider. What is your skill level and can it take you where you need to go? This bike is certainly equipped to explore backcountry roads and moderate trails. 

How Far Can you go on a single charge?

In varied terrain pedaling with pedal assist, you should be able to get 25-28 miles of range. In my range test, I was able to fully deplete the battery after 28 miles of riding on hilly paved roads. Expect to get more range on flat terrain. Let me explain.   

The terrain during my testing is what I consider average for the Pacific Northwest — up and down with several hills. I averaged between 15 and 25 miles per hour, using gears 3 to 6, and pedal assist 1-3.  

How to Transport the XPeak

The front wheel on the XPeak easily removed for storage or transport. Removing the front wheel decreases the length of the bike down to 58 inches and drops the overall weight down 57 lbs. You can then roll the bike (rear first) into the back of a car, truck or SUV. 

The bike can also fit on a bike rack rated for e-bikes. E-Bike racks have a weight limit and the XPeak weighs 67 lbs. So be sure to factor that in (plus additional bikes) when choosing your bike rack. We have been using a HYPERAX RV e-Bike Rack (seen below) for the last few years to carry two e-bikes. It has worked great. 

You’ll need to use an expandable cross-bar when transporting the step-through model on a bike rack. The crossbar attaches between the seat post and handlebar stem to give the bike rack arm something to clamp onto. 

There are several e-bike crossbars to choose from, but here is the crossbar we use

What Accessories are Available for the XPeak?

All of the standard LECTRIC e-bike accessories like the comfort seat, luggage rack, fenders, cargo baskets, and lighting upgrades are available for the XPeak. They may even be included as an introductory package deal. 

The XPeak has also inspired an entirely new collection of accessories to accommodate backcountry riding and freezing conditions. 


XPeak checks a lot of boxes for folks looking for one versatile e-Bike to take on a casual ride with friends or off-road adventure. The low price of XPeak makes it even more appealing.

The motor and battery provide plenty of power to get you up the trail or steep hill, but the battery life limits the range of this bike in mixed terrain. So consider purchasing a second battery if you plan to venture over 25 miles. Perhaps LECTRIC will offer an extended range battery in the future. 

As a non-foldable e-bike, the XPeak may not fit into a compartment or trunk, but it can be transported securely on a sturdy e-bike rack. 

Overall, the XPeak is a premium e-Bike offered at a non-premium price. The step-through design and stability of the 26” x 4” wheelbase provides added accessibility for riders of all types. If you don’t really need a folding e-bike, an XPeak may be the bike for you.

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