June 24, 2024

Why the Lectric XP Lite 2.0 is the Best eBike for RV Travel

The popular LECTRIC XP Lite eBike has evolved. Version 2.0 of the XP Lite was released in June 2024 and includes cutting edge technology and innovations from LECTRIC. There is also a premium XP Lite 2.0 model available now with a state-of-the-art belt drive train

Launched in 2022, the XP Lite was a compact and more affordable version of its big brother, the XP 2.0. The forty five pound XP Lite was twenty pounds lighter than the XP 2.0, very easy to ride, and roughly $200 cheaper. To top it off, XP Lite comes in several cool colors.

It was a no-brainer for lots of folks looking for a lightweight bike at a reasonable price that was easy to ride and transport. As a single-speed bike, we were immediately amazed how well it performed. It is a really fun eBike. Just jump on and ride. 

We got a first-hand look at the new XP Lite 2.0 at the 2024 Overland Expo in Flagstaff, AZ and took it for a ride. It did not disappoint. 

New Technology for a Better Riding Experience

LECTRIC has been rapidly developing new technology adding high-end components that improve the riding experience. These new components are now included on the XP Lite 2.0 standard model

  • Improving braking – including hydraulic brakes on all eBike models
  • Smoother Pedal Assist and Power Management
  • Reducing (almost eliminating) motor noise with a stealth motor and quiet tires
  • Improving display – color display on all new models

An extended range 14Ah battery is also available on all XP Lite 2.0 models.

The new Premium JW model XP Lite eliminates the bike chain altogether replacing it with the Gates Carbon Belt-Drive system

Gates Belt Drive Train on the XP Lite 2.0 Premium Edition

The JW (John Wick) model has a Black-on-Black color scheme and is a $100 upgrade from the standard model.

What is it like to ride the XP Lite 2.0?

Part of the appeal of this bike is its simplicity. Anyone can ride it. With no gears to deal with, you can start riding very quickly.

Here is all you do to get started riding the XP Lite

  1. Turn on the controller and start pedaling
  2. Press the up arrow to increase the pedal assist level when you need more help
  3. Twist the throttle for instant acceleration up to 20 mph
  4. Squeeze the brake handles to stop. 

It’s that easy. Training complete. 


The smaller frame is what makes this bike more nimble, portable and fun. You do sacrifice some stability and comfort that you get with the larger fat-tire or full frame models like the XPeak

XP Lite has smaller wheels and tires (20 inch wheels and 2 inch tires) which will make it difficult to control in loose dirt, sand or gravel.

The knobby tires on the original XP Lite have been replaced with quiet slick street tires on the 2.0 model. So this model is best ridden on smooth managed terrain.

Riding Long Distances

The XP Lite has the smallest battery at 7Ah. We have found it perfectly adequate given the lighter frame design of this bike. You can easily ride of 5-20 miles on a full charge using pedal assist, even with hills.

TIP: Adding the comfort seat accessory to your XP Lite will help significantly for long rides.

New to the XP Lite 2.0 is an optional 14Ah extended range battery. Upgrading to the extended range battery will give you double the range of the standard battery and give you more miles between charges.

More Color Options

Having multiple color options to choose from helped boost the popularity of the XP Lite. A new color, Lavender Haze, has been added with the XP Lite 2. LECTRIC Blue, Sand Storm, and White are other standard model color options.

LECTRIC XP Lite 2.0 Colors - RVWITHTITO.com
LECTRIC XP Lite 2.0 Standard Model Colors

The black model is no longer available in the standard configuration. It was replaced with the JW (John Wick themed) Black-on-Black premium model. 

Who is the Target eBike Rider for the XP Lite 2.0?

Travelers, RV enthusiasts, students and commuters will enjoy the simplicity, compactness, and foldability of the XP Lite. The overall simplicity of the XP Lite makes it an easy bike to ride regardless of your skill level

Larger riders may feel less comfortable on this bike due to the smaller frame, wheels and tires. The XP Lite has a lower cargo capacity of 260 pounds, compared to the 330 pounds supported by LECTRIC models. 

The BMX style handlebars included with the XP Lite V2 have more adjustability than the previous version. So, if you need a little more arm extension, you can now adjust the handlebars out (or in) a couple inches. 

What We Like Most about the XP Lite 2.0

The XP Lite 2.0 looks and feels like a regular bike. The ultra-quiet motor is a real bonus making it even less detectable as an eBike. This is a no-nonsense bike that you can just get on and ride.

Out of all the LECTRIC eBike models, the XP Lite is the easiest to transport inside a vehicle or on a bike rack. It’s foldability and light weight make it very portable for anyone.

Finally, eBike maintenance is almost non-existent on the XP Lite. There are no gears to adjust and the new hydraulic brakes just work all the time. Just keep the bike clean.

What We don’t like about the XP Lite 2.0

There is very little to dislike about this model, but I would like to have the option for front suspension on this bike. It would make it more suitable for a varied terrain. Riding the XP Lite on bumpy trails or washboard dirt roads is not great. You feel every bump in the handle bars.

I get why a front suspension is not standard equipment on the XP Lite though. LECTRIC has stated that they want to keep the XP Lite 2.0 under 50 pounds. Adding a front suspension would add more weight and push the weight over this mark. 

This is an upgrade you can do yourself though. I decided to add a front suspension to my XP Lite. It made a big difference. This video (below) will walk you through the upgrade if you want to give it a try.

Adding a DIY Front Suspension to the XP Lite

Is it a good buy starting at $799?

Yes. LECTRIC did not skimp on features. I’d say they made a great eBike even better without increasing the base price. The Premium belt-drive JW model and long-range battery options are worthy upgrades that will appeal to a larger group of riders. 

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