July 18, 2024

How to Restring RV Shades

Strings inside your RV day/night shades will eventually wear out, fray and break. Once wearing starts, one side can start to droop or not stay up at all. What happens next is that one of the string inside finally snaps. Here’s how to take apart the blind and restring it.

Restringing these shades is definitely a do-it-yourself project. I figured out how to do it myself and will show you how to do it too. It may seem difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be able to restring your other shades with ease.

I put together this video to show you that this is certainly something you can do yourself.

Before you start here’s what you’ll need

How to Restring RV Shades 2
  • 1.2mm or 1.4mm of nylon string (roughly 20 yards) – You can find it at your local fabric store or buy a spool of it on Amazon.
  • Flat head screw driver to remove the plastic end caps
  • Scissors to cut the string
  • Thin gauge wire or large fabric needle to feed the string through the blinds

You’re ready to restring your shades

First I recommend you take a few minutes and watch the video first as it walks you through the process. You can then remove your blinds and get started.

TIP: Study the string configuration on your shades before you disassemble them. Take a picture of it. It may help when restringing.

Lay the blinds on a flat surface and slowly disassemble them paying close attention to where the strings go.

When you are ready to begin restringing use the diagram below (from fixmyblinds.com) as a reference. It illustrates the typical 4 string configuration that you’ll probably find in your typical day/night shade. A standard rectangular window will probably have this configuration.

How to Restring RV Shades 3

Different Sizes May Have Different String Configurations

Class C overhead window

Don’t assume all window sizes have the same string configuration inside. The wide upper bunk window shade of our Class C was a prime example of this. I discovered that the configuration was a little different from the standard size side-window I did first.

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