November 27, 2021

How To Restore Power to your RV When It Goes Out

When the power in your RV suddenly shuts down, you might be wondering “WHAT JUST HAPPENNED?” The most common cause is an overloaded electrical circuit. Not to worry, restoring power is quite easy.

The most common cause to this common event is an overloaded electrical circuit. There are many power hungry devices we use like hair dryers, microwave ovens, coffee makers, electric griddles, etc. Quite often we attempt to use multiple items at the same time. Or perhaps while you are using your hair dryer, your electric furnace kicks on. The next thing you realize is that all of the power went out. Uh oh!

What many RVers do next is to reset circuit breakers without first unplugging the items that caused the overload in the first place. Then they are left scratching their head wondering “WHY DID IT SHUT DOWN AGAIN?”

If you follow the simple steps outlined in the video, you’ll avoid this frustration and be powered back up in minutes.

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