April 8, 2020

How To Remove Ugly Decals From Your RV

I have never liked having large RV manufacturer decals on my RV. Besides making your RV look like a mobile billboard, those decals eventually start to crack, fade and peel from the sun. When that happens, they make your RV look terrible and aged.

When the decals on my RV started to peel and crack, I removed them using my wife’s hair dryer and some WD-40. I only wish I would have removed them sooner.

Heating up the decal loosens up the adhesive underneath making it easier to peel it off. You could use a professional grade heat gun for this. Instead, I have found that a good hair dryer will do the trick.

Here are the basic steps to remove those decals.

  1. First heat up the decal to soften up the adhesive underneath
  2. Then pry up the edges of the decal and slowly peel them off (take your time)
  3. Finally, clean up any remaining sticky spots and small pieces with some WD-40

Note: You could certainly use products like GooGone to remove any leftover adhesive. I have found that WD-40 works very well for this.

Simply repeat these steps on all of your decals then give the surface of your RV a good cleaning. You’ll like the result.

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