June 24, 2024

Fix a chipped windshield for under $20

Getting a chip in your windshield while on an RV trip can be a real hassle. If not taken care of quickly that little chip or crack can spread. If this happens you may be stuck with a costly full windshield repair. You can avoid all of that and learn how to do these minor repairs yourself for very little cost.

While driving through a stretch of highway undergoing resurfacing years ago, my windshield was struck several times despite my attempts to avoid those little rocks. After that I vowed “That’s it! There’s got to be a way to fix these chips myself”, and there was.

Keep a Windshield Repair Kit With You

I’ve been doing my own small windshield repairs at home and while on the road using this simple DIY kit. I’ll walk you through it in this video and you’ll see how easy it really is.

Carry a repair kit with you on your next road trip and it just may come in handy. You can fix the damage anywhere in under an hour as long as there is daylight. You can also do the repair at night using a blacklight. Watch the video and find out more.