June 24, 2024

Energizer eZV2000S Portable Inverter Generator Review

In this review I take a look at the eSV2000S Portable Inverter Generator from Energizer.

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Energizer eZV2000S Portable Inverter Generator Review 2

Energizer eZV2000S Portable Inverter Generator

For the price, this generator can provide up to 1600 watts of clean steady power to run all of the smaller equipment and personal electronics in your RV or camper.
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The eSV2000S generator is one of the more affordable generators in this class and can be purchased on Amazon for just over $500. I was curious to try it out and see what it could do.

If you have a smaller RV or camper, this portable generator can provide most of the power you’ll need. I say “most of the power” because it will not be able to run high powered equipment like large air conditioners and heaters.

Power Output

The eSV2000S can generate 1600 watts of steady power. It claims to be able to surge up to 2000 watts for up to 30 minutes, but I believe the maximum surge is closer to 1800 watts.

How Long Can It Run?

At full power (1600 watts) the generator can run for approximately 4 hours on less than a gallon of gas. It also has an ECO Mode (economy mode) which will throttle the generator down to match lighter power loads. It can run in ECO mode for around 11 hours with a 1/4 power load (400 watts) on a single .89 gal tank of gas.


There is a 120 volt AC receptacle on the front of the generator to accommodate two power cords. To connect the generator to your RV 30 amp shore power cord, you will need a 30A to 15A adapter cable.

The front panel also has two USB connections and a DC output that provides up to 5 amps to charge a 12 volt battery. A DC charging cord is also included for use in this mode.

Battery Charging When Solar Power Not Available

RV Solar power is not effective when camping in wooded areas or during dark and cloudy days. A portable generator this size is perfect for keeping batteries charged in those situations.

I plan to use this generator plugged into my 30 amp shore power cord and allow the multi-stage smart converter charger in my RV keep my battery bank properly charged up on those cloudy days.

The following pros and cons are based on the testing I’ve done so far with the Energizer eZV2000S generator.


  1. The venting cap can be closed and fuel line shut off making this generator easy to store and transport
  2. It runs very smooth and is easy to pull start
  3. It is affordably priced based on other generators in its class
  4. It is quiet running (between 50 and 59 decibels). I can have a conversation standing right next to it.
  5. It can run for roughly 11 hours on ¼ power and less than a gallon of gas


  1. No digital readout
  2. No hour meter to indicate when it’s time to perform service
  3. The rear panel is difficult and awkward to remove when servicing the engine
  4. I do not think it could surge up to 2000 watts based on the specs I observed

My Final Thoughts

For the price, this is a decent generator. It could easily run all of your small to mid-sized consumer electronics during the day and charge RV batteries as needed.

You can also run a microwave oven, hair dryer, electric refrigerator and water heater with this generator. You just won’t want to run all of those things at the same time. Keep the generator on ECO mode and it will keep you powered for many hours.

If you need to run an AC unit or other heavy loads, I recommend going with a larger generator like the Energizer eSV3200P model or two smaller eSV2000P generators that can be paralleled together to produce more power.