June 24, 2024

Two Wheels or Three? An ELECTRIC TRIKE Guide

As the growth and popularity of e-bikes continues to increase, customers are now asking manufacturers “When are you going to have an Electric Trike?” Leading e-Bike manufacturers have been listening and launching new E-TRIKE models in 2023. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why e-trikes are a popular transportation option for riders of all types.  

Why Choose An E-Trike?

Compared to E-Bikes, E-Trikes are more stable and comfortable for many people. Their design and higher weight limit also makes them a great option for larger riders or those carrying pets, children, and other precious cargo.

Three wheels

The three wheels provide more stability and eliminate the need to continuously maintain your balance or worry about tipping over. Unlike a bicycle, a trike will keep you in an upright position which makes it very easy to ride.


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Electric tricycles offer a comfortable and upright riding position. Once properly adjusted, you won’t have to worry about straining your back or neck, even on longer rides. A larger or softer seat (aka the Saddle) will give you even more comfort on your ride.

Increased Rider or Cargo capacity

Electric tricycles typically have a higher cargo capacity and overall weight rating than two-wheeled bikes. The area between the rear wheels above the axle is a perfect spot for a cargo basket or rack.

If you’re a larger rider uncomfortable on a two-wheeler, then you may find an e-trike to be a more comfortable and stable ride.

Pedal-assist system

The pedal-assist system on most e-bikes gives you a power boost when you’re pedaling, making it easy to ride up hills or cover longer distances with ease. The same is true with the pedal-assist (PA) on an e-trike. Some models also come with a throttle that provides more power when you need it regardless of your pedal-assist setting.    

Easy to control

Electric tricycles are typically designed for ease-of-use at lower speeds. The controls are simple and intuitive allowing you to quickly adjust speed and power while riding. You won’t have to worry about complicated controls, buttons.

Models like the LECTRIC XP TRIKE have eliminated the need to shift gears. Simply twist the throttle or adjust the pedal assist level up or down as needed.

You will be able to control your trike easily as long as you keep your speed down and ride only on flat level paths.

Slower is better especially when turning

Turning on a trike is not like turning on a standard two-wheel bike. On a two-wheel bike, you can lean the bike in the direction of the turn. This is not something you can do on a trike. Here’s how to approach a turn on a trike. First slow down and approach the turn slowly. After slowing down lean your body slightly into the turn and do not accelerate while in the turn. Towards the end of the turn you can accelerate again. Practice this when you first get your trike and you’ll have more control in the turns.

Best suited for flat and level roads and paths

When the road or path is banked (or tilted) to one side, the trike will stay perfectly level to the road. Not being able to tilt the trike will cause the steering to pull you towards the downhill portion of the road. This forces you to overcorrect your steering and shift your weight in the uphill direction in order keep going straight. Choosing the flat and level paths will help you avoid these situations and make riding your trike more enjoyable.


Electric tricycles have powerful brakes that provide greater stopping power, making you feel safe and secure while riding. Mechanical disc brakes are a standard brake option, but hydraulic disc brakes provide more stopping power. 

Who Are Electric Trikes For?

Whether you’re a senior who wants to enjoy a leisurely ride, a busy commuter, or a rider needing to carry heavy cargo, electric tricycles have something to offer just about everyone.


If you’re a senior looking for a stable and easy ride, having three wheels eliminates the need to constantly balance the bike. You’ll enjoy a comfortable ride without any strain on your neck or back. Getting on and off the trike is also easier since it’s free standing with a lower step-over height. 

People with physical disabilities

For those with physical disabilities, an electric tricycle provides independence and a comfortable ride. The stable base and simple controls make it easy for these riders to enjoy the outdoors or a ride with friends. E-trikes equipped with a throttle will even eliminate the need to pedal when all you want to do is ride. 


If you’re commuting to work or running errands, an electric tricycle is a great choice. Many models come with cargo baskets or racks, allowing you to carry your gear or groceries. The pedal-assist system makes it easy to tackle hills and cover longer distances even with heavier cargo on-board.

Recreational riders

Whether you’re exploring your neighborhood or simply taking a leisurely ride, an electric tricycle is a fun and easy way to get around. With a comfortable saddle and upright riding position, you’ll enjoy the ride without feeling tired.

New riders

If you’re new to riding and intimidated by two-wheeled e-bikes, an electric tricycle is a great place to start. With three wheels, you’ll have a stable base, plus the simple controls make it easy to get started.

Riders who carry heavy loads

If you need to carry a heavy load, an electric tricycle is a good option. With cargo baskets or racks, you can easily carry groceries, packages, or other items with you. 

Are you carrying a child or pet? If so, then a trike is a great option to maintain the stability of your ride. You won’t have to worry about the trike tipping over while riding or parked. 

Other Features To Consider When Shopping For An E-Trike

Emergency Brake

There’s no need for a kickstand on a trike since they are free standing and don’t lean. So having an emergency brake allows you to keep the trike still when parked.

Front or Rear Motor?

The choice between a front hub motor or rear hub motor on an electric tricycle depends on what kind of performance and riding experience you’re looking for. 

Front Hub Motor

A front hub motor provides lighter steering and more balanced weight distribution, making it ideal for lighter riders or those who prefer better handling and maneuverability. Most e-trikes have a motor on the front wheel with the exception of the LECTRIC XP TRIKE that is powered by the two wheels in the rear.

Rear Hub Motor

A rear hub motor provides more traction and stability, making it better for climbing hills and carrying heavy loads. It also tends to be more powerful, making it ideal for more demanding riders.

Some rear motor trikes are equipped with a differential rear axle. A differential rear axle allows both rear wheels to spin at different speeds. This helps distribute the load evenly across both rear wheels, giving you better stability and handling especially when turning. 

LECTRIC Trike Rear Differential Axle - RVWITHTITO.com
The LECTRIC XP TRIKE Rear Differential axle allows wheels to spin independently for a more controlled ride

Ultimately, the best motor for an electric tricycle will depend on your specific needs and preferences. 

Larger Battery Capacity

A larger battery will not only extend the range of your e-Trike, you’ll also get better performance transporting heavy cargo and when climbing hills. 

Strong Brakes

Electric tricycles with powerful brakes will provide greater stopping power, making you feel safe and secure while riding. Mechanical disc brakes and hydraulic disc brakes are the two types installed on e-bikes and trikes. 

Hydraulic brakes provide more stopping power and are usually the premium option. When possible, opt for those. 


If you’re looking for a unique and enjoyable riding experience or need a utility bike for carrying cargo, an electric tricycle is the way to go. 

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