April 5, 2020

My Boondocking Checklist

It is extremely important to make sure your RV components are working properly prior to heading out to remote areas. Preparation is the key to a successful boondocking experience. Routinely perform operational checks on all of your RV systems whether you use them or not. Also perform preventative maintenance on all mechanical or electrical components and fix anything that needs fixing before you leave.

Here is my boondocking checklist:

  • Test battery bank electrolyte levels using a hydrometer (if lead acid batteries)
  • Run the generator and perform routine maintenance (oil changes, filters, etc.)
  • Verify solar charge controller and power inverter operation (if using solar)
  • Pack a portable solar panel to grab solar power in morning and evening hours or when parked in shaded areas
  • Check gas powered appliances (stove, oven, furnace, water heater)
  • Run electric furnace or heat pump operation
  • Check tire inflation (carry a portable air compressor)
  • Test propane and smoke detectors and change batteries if needed
  • Check water pump and water lines (for leaking)
  • Open and close all slide outs and make sure you have the propery tools for manually retracting them if needed
  • Raise and lower hydraulic levelers
  • Check lights, TVs, radios and make sure you have spare AA or AAA batteries
  • Inventory your RV toolbox and make sure you the tools you need to make minor repairs
  • Bring a portable water container for refilling the water tank
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