April 5, 2020

Build A Better Rain Spout for your RV or Camper

Here is a very effective and inexpensive way to prevent “RAIN STAIN” or black streaking on your RV, camper or van. You won’t believe how simple it is.

Those of us who live in rainy climates are prone to have discoloration or black streaking on areas of our RV where rain water tends to run down. When possible, I like to keep my RV covered with a good quality RV cover. But I can’t always protect my RV from the rain, so I came up with this very simple DIY solution to divert water from my roof onto the ground.

You may be wondering why I don’t use those plastic gutter spouts that you can get from your RV store or Walmart. Well I have used those in the past, but they just don’t fit my gutters that well. Plus they are usually designed to fit only on the end of a gutter.

Here is my solution

Pick up a pack of allegator clips from your hardware store. I get mine from the electrical department in Home Depot, but you can also get packs of them on Amazon for under $5. Then pick up some strands of thick wire. I used left-over Romex electrical wire from old home improvement projects.

Simply cut small sections of wire (about 6-8 inches long) and crimp them to the allegator clip. That’s it. Now go clip them to your RV where rain water tends to run down. Bend the wire to direct the water wherever you want it to go. Pretty cool right?

So give this a try. You’ll be surprised at how effective it is.

Bonus TIP

One way to help minimize discoloration from rain is to keep your RV roof clean. Eventually, the dirt, pollen and muck on your RV roof will run down onto the sides of your RV.

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