Get A Waterproof RV Cover


Video Description

If you store you RV outside for long periods, you should consider a durable all-weather RV Cover like this one.

The folks at asked me to review their waterproof Premier RV Cover. I waited until it had been raining for a few days to see how it performed. The water actually pooled up on the roof of my RV which was a clue that the waterproofing was working. Overall, it performed pretty well as you can see in the video.

If you are considering a cover for your RV, travel trailer or fifth wheel do you self a favor and invest in a cover that will last you many years. less expensive ultra-thin lightweight covers are intended for short term use and simply won't hold up to long term abuse by mother nature. Invest in a quality cover that offers the maximum protection and you will have it for years and years.

Where can you buy an RV cover?

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Here Are Some RV Cover Tips

Wash your RV before you cover it, because it's always nice to unwrap a nice shiny RV

Wait until it is dry before you cover your RV (if possible)

Remove or cover any sharp objects on your roof or sides such as solar panels, antennas, etc.

Tie a rope to the bag and lift it up to the roof instead of trying to carry it up the ladder with one hand

Be careful where you step, your cover will cover up things you shouldn't step on

Check exhaust pipe or hot vent location before starting your engine, running your header or generator to avoid burning a hole in your cover

Finally, make sure you unzip any necessary side panels before expanding any slides.

Removing, Storing and Installing The Cover

To remove the cover from your RV, start by lifting up the back and sides, fold them towards the middle, and continue folding from the outside in until the cover is the width of the storage bag. Then start folding (or rolling) towards the front of the roof before putting the cover in the bag. If you do this, then installation is easy. To re-install the cover, just place it on the front of your roof and unroll it towards the back and drop the sides.