RV 4G Mobile Booster Comparison

WeBoost, formerly Wilson Electronics, recently released the RV-4G mobile booster designed specifically for RV owners. I wanted to know if the RV-4G is the best booster for my RV and the RV community in general. So I decided to try it out alongside my weBoost Drive 4G-X signal booster. After comparing features, setup, and signal boost levels my conclusions were mixed.

Stay Connected In Remote Areas With a 4G Mobile Booster

We enjoy remote camping and exploring the back roads but also have the need to stay connected. For this reason, we purchased and installed a mobile signal booster in our RV. We decided to go with the weBoost Drive 4G-X mobile booster primarily because it claims to be the most effective in remote areas. I was a little skeptical about their claims so I took it on the road and put it to the test.