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Secret RV Sewer Hose Storage Compartment

Let's be honest, nobody wants to see your nasty sewer hose. Right? So I've come up with a secret hiding place to store your ugly sewer hose. You'll like this project idea, I promise. When complete, you won't see your sewer hose and it won't take up valuable space in your storage bin.

Dumping your black and gray tanks is perhaps the least glamourous task you'll complete as an RV owner. Ninety nine percent of the time, everything goes nice and smooth. Then there's that one percent. Yup, it happens.

How To Remove Eternabond Tape

Here is the easiest and quickest way I’ve found to remove Eternabond tape. You may think Eternabond tape can’t be removed. That’s not true. I’ve done it several times and this way works the best.

What is Eternabond Tape?

Eternabond tape is a popular after market product used by RV, travel trailer, and camper van owners to repair leaks and seal roof openings, roof seams, window seams and storage compartments. The super sticky material bonds with whatever you stick it to and creates a watertight seal.

RV Delamination Repair

Two years ago I noticed the side wall on the back corner of our 11 year old RV starting to bubble up. When I pressed on it the wall panel would move in an out. This was a classic sign of RV delamination.

Before Repair

Before picture of delaminated area

After months of planning I dedicated a warm summer week of my life to repairing the delamination. The final outcome was better that I expected.

Solar On Our RV (2018 Update)

Here is an overview of my DIY solar charging system.

There are no one-size-fits-all RV solar solutions out there. If you are considering adding solar power to your RV, I recommend you learn as much as possible up front. I've found the most effective way to learn is to analyze what others have done. So let me tell you about the solar charging system on my RV and maybe it will help you piece together a system that works for you.

Solar Power For Your RV - Is It Worth It?

Do you want to go boondocking or dry camping in your RV without having to run a generator 24/7? Do you want to head to the sunny Southwest for the winter and take advantage of that free BLM camping in the desert? If so, you may be considering a solar install on your RV.

In this article I'll answer the common questions and misconceptions regarding RV solar to help you decide whether solar is right for you.