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How to Connect Six Volt Batteries To Create a 12 Volt Battery Bank

How to connect six volt batteries

To produce a 12 volt output, two 6 volt deep cycle batteries must be wired in series (positive to negative). Each 6 volt battery pair operates as a single 12 volt battery. You can then connect each 6 volt pair in parallel with another pair to create a larger 12, 24 or 48 volt battery bank. This is called a series parallel configuration.

Remodelling a Class C Motorhome

Is It Time To Update Your RV Interior?

If your RV interior doesn't meet your needs anymore then perhaps it's time to make a change. I'll bet you've got a pretty good idea of what you'd like to change.

Best RV Battery Monitoring Systems

Battery monitors

If you rely on batteries to power your RV while boondocking or dry-camping, a battery monitoring system is an essential piece of equipment. Most RVs don't come with one. This article includes my top picks for RV battery monitoring systems in 2018-2019.

With many battery monitoring systems (BMS) out there to choose from, which one should you buy?

Drill A Hole In Your RV Roof Without Fear

Let's face it. Drilling a hole in the roof of your RV is terrifying. Some times though, the best route from point A to point B is through a carefully placed hole in your roof. I'll show you the best way to drill a hole in your roof and run cables into your RV.

Photo of drilling a hole in your roof

Solar Power For Your RV - Is It Worth It?

You won't get a return on your solar investment if you prefer full-hookup RV parks and campgrounds. However, if you'd rather go boondocking in the sunny Southwest for extended periods, then an RV solar system designed for your needs may provide the energy independence you're looking for. Still need answers? Here are answers to common questions and misconceptions new RV owners have about solar.