Mobile Travel Apps

Do you travel with your smart phone or tablet? Of course you do. Here are a some must-have mobile apps to help you get where you are going and simplify your life. Do you have a favorite app that I missed? Tell me about it.

Good Sam Camping App This free app gives you instant access to information, directions and Good Sam ratings on more than 14,500 RV parks and campgrounds listed in Good Sam's RV Travel Guide & Campground directory. Search by city, state, province and ammenities to plan your next stop while on the road.

CampFinder from ($1.99) Search 14,000 campgrounds and RV parks by name, city and state or current location. Check rates, amenities, camping discounts, contact details, photos and camping reviews to find the perfect campgrounds and RV parks for you. Other features include advanced search, directions to your campground destination and access to the latest camping and RV tips and articles from

CoPilot GPS Navigation Turn your smart phone or tablet into a sophisticated GPS navigator with this easy to use GPS app. CoPilot GPS does not need a mobile signal to function and works just like a standard GPS unit. It uses the GPS signal from your phone or tablet to track your position and stores all of its maps on your device. The basic functions are provided for free, but I recommend upgrading to the premium to get turn-by-turn navigation and spoken directions. This is a feature packed app and I recommend checking it out.

SaniDumps RV Dump Station Lite ($2.52) When your RV has to go...get access for RV dump stations while on the road. This is the official Android app. has the largest listing of RV dump stations on the internet and now you can access it anywhere, anytime.

GasBuddy (Free) GasBuddy helps you find the cheapest gas prices in your area. Find the cheapest gas on the go – for free! Gas prices for USA and Canada only. In one click, locate gas stations near you and see their current gas prices. Never overpay for gas again.

A-Car Vehicle Maintenance and Mileage TrackerTrack your RV mileage, maintenance history and trip expenses with this highly rated Android app. View detailed statistics on multiple vehicles, not just your RV.

Car Care Vehicle Maintenance and Mileage TrackerIf you have an iPhone, you can use this app to track your RV mileage and maintenance history. Like A-Car, this app also allows you to track multiple vehicles. Check it out.

RoadSideAmerica ($2.99) This App from reveals a world of nutty wonders along America's highways. Never miss a giant twine ball, crazy museum or statue again. $2.99 gives permanent access to ONE of 6 oddity-rich US regions. Optional in-app purchase unlocks whole USA - 6,000+ attractions.

Rest Area Finder This iOS app automatically finds your location and displays nearby rest areas up to 500 miles away. The rest areas are displayed on a map along with your current location. In addition to rest areas, scenic vistas and welcome centers are also shown on the map.

USA Rest Stop Locator This Android app will help you easily find the nearest rest stop on the US, including Interstates, US highways, and state highways! You can browse by state and interstate or you can browse on a map.

Satellite Finder ($5.99) This nifty app assists in alignment of your RV satellite dish antenna using augmented reality. It determines local position by using GPS/Skyhook, automatically computes all values necessary to align antenna, and uses magnetic sensor to help during alignment (emits sound when aligned). Ideal for RVs, Campers, aligning second dish, or use as professional installer.

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