Cool and Extreme RVs

What kind of RV would you buy if money was not an issue? Would you hit the lake in an amphibious rig, venture out into the wild in a rugged off-road rig, or tailgate at Nascar in your luxurious monster rig? Dream a little with me.

Here is a compilation of my favorite cool extreme, off-road, unique or luxurious RVs

I'm a sucker for cool and amazing RVs. Aren't you? I tend to be partial to rugged off-road RVs that are loaded with batteries, solar and huge tanks. I even dig those super compact towables that are the Swiss Army Knives of the camper world. Then there are those amphibious RVs like the Terra Wind or super luxurious celebrity RVs. Many of those are more luxurious than most stick and brick homes. There are so many varieties of RV out there. Some just have their own unique character.