Travel Channel's America's Craziest RVs Is Looking For You

By on Friday, May 18, 2012

You've seen me write about my favorite amazing, cool and crazy RVs over the years like Vin Diesel's monster RV and some other favorites. Well now you too can have the opportunity to share your crazy RV creation with America.

High Noon Entertainment, the producers of Cake Boss, Heat Seekers, Bang for Your Buck and Food Network Challenge is producing a no holds barred special for Travel Channel that takes an inside peek at America’s most tricked out, pimped out and over-the-top RVs. From the converted school bus to the Boatorhome and everything in between, America’s Craziest RVS is looking for the most outrageous vehicles and the people who own and design them.

They've asked me to help spread the word, so here is your chance. Do you want to share your recreational vehicular creation with the rest of America? If you can drive it and sleep in it, they want to see it! All interested vans, buses, campers, trailers and their owners are welcome to apply. 

Contact High Noon Entertainment at to submit your RV for consideration.

Even if you don't have an RV to submit, you can still visit and vote for your favorites. I'll be participating. How about you? 



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