Winegard's RoadStar 3000, a powerful new compact omnidirectional antenna

By on Saturday, February 11, 2012

Can I finally retire my Winegard batwing antenna? Except for holding up my WiFi extender antenna, I don't use it much. Once the switch to digital TV came, I stopped watching regular TV in my RV. So perhaps the time has come to take down the old antenna and replace it with Winegard's new RoadStar 3000 compact omnidirectional TV antenna.

According to the press release:

The antenna is designed to continuously find and pull in all available VHF, UHF and FM broadcast signals within a 35-mile radius of a parked RV. The RoadStar 3000 delivers free local standard and HDTV programming from ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX plus many additional sub-channels that carry 24-hour news, weather, music, kids programming and movies.

The 3000 series eliminates the need to manually aim and lock onto digital signals. Also included are a 12-volt DC power supply and receptacle, and a two-way splitter for a second TV and optional cable input. At only 7.56 inches high by 14.88 inches in diameter, the low-profile RoadStar 3000 offers superior wind resistance while occupying minimal roof space.

Well...It's powerful, has HD and looks nice. I'm sold. How much is it? Don't know yet. Stay tuned (pun intended). 

Want to read more? Visit the Winegard RoadStar website.


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