Daylight saving and RV neglect

By on Sunday, November 06, 2011

Happy day light saving!! Well actually I think daylight savings is stupid. What's the point? But at least today the sun was shining and we got to enjoy an extra hour of it. Now...what to do? 

Took the RV out
As I lay in bed this morning feeling guilty for leaving my RV all bundled up for weeks and weeks, it occurred to me "I should take the RV out today." It was still in the upper 30s this morning, but the sun was shining. Who knows when that will happen again.

I removed the cover, unplugged it's 50amp umbilical chord and climbed in to start it up. I turned the key and all I got was a slow "raar...raar...raar." As it turns chassis battery had written me off. So I flicked on the emergency start switch to jump it from the house batteries and "vrooom!" she started right up. Mental note....put the battery charger on it later. 

Where would I go? 
Well, where do all RVs go? You guessed it...I went to the closest Walmart for supplies, but not before topping off my gas tank and my propane. 

I think my RV felt at home there in the parking lot waiting for me to return. I wandered around the store and picked up a new mat for my automatic step. My existing mat has been in need of replacement for about say....two years now. 

Settle in for winter
When I got home, I covered her back up and got her prepared for some cold weather. Freezing temps will, no doubt, be here before long. So out came the space heaters to keep things above freezing. 

It felt great to get the tires and brakes warmed up again. I never like to let the RV sit for very long. It's not great for your RV, and secondly....Id rather go RVing instead of work work work! Unfortunately, we've been pretty busy in the last few months and it's been difficult to get out. And now winter is quickly approaching. 

Now that I got this post done, I'm going to get in my jammies, grab a beer and watch Braveheart. For some reason, I've been wanting to watch that movie all day. "FRRREEEDOM!!"

I hope you enjoyed your extra hour today!


  1. I'm in Los Angeles. RV heads to beach every thee weeks. No snow here.

  2. :)
    Sounds fun. What kind of work are you in and where do you plan to RV in the winter?


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