I don't have an RV garage, I have an RV cover

Do you keep your RV in the garage? If you do, then that's pretty cool. I, on the other hand, don't have a roof over my RV. So the best way I've found to keep my RV protected from the elements is to keep it covered with a quality RV cover.

I was recently asked by EmpireCovers.com to review their new Premier RV cover. Some covers can be bulky and hard to handle, but not this one. It installed in minutes and fit my RV very well. If you choose to use an RV cover, my experience is that you get what you pay for. Many lighter duty covers simply don't last. A quality cover like the Premier cover from Empire Covers is 100% waterproof and should last for years. 

Find a Waterproof Premier cover for your RV

Premier Class A Cover: http://amzn.to/1wbs3Me
Premier Class B Cover: http://amzn.to/1sXMnkF
Premier Class C Cover: http://amzn.to/1vGDPk3

Having used this cover for a while I have to say that I really like it and would recommend it for your RV. Here's why:

Reflectors on the front/back
  • It fits my RV better than my previous cover
  • The elastic in the front and rear hold it in place right away without having to tie it down
  • Installation and removal is easy which means I can put it on more often
  • It has yellow reflectors sewn into the front and rear to keep your guests (or kids) from driving into it at night
  • And, it comes with a 5 year warranty. 
I couldn't find anything negative to say about the cover itself. The only marginal feedback I would have has to do with the installation instructions. It comes with one piece of paper that includes the warranty and instructions. The instructions are clearly for the car cover they sell and not the RV cover. With that said, it is pretty easy to figure out once you've unpacked it (as seen in the video).

Tip for removing, storing and installing your RV cover
To remove the cover from your RV, start by lifting up the back and sides, fold them towards the middle, and continue folding from the outside in until the cover is the width of the storage bag. Then start folding (or rolling) towards the front of the roof before putting the cover in the bag. If you do this, then installation is easy. To re-install the cover, just place it on the front of your roof and unroll it towards the back and drop the sides.

My RV Cover quick tips
  • Wash your RV before you cover it, because it's always nice to unwrap a nice shiny RV
  • If possible, wait until it is dry before you cover your RV
  • Remove or cover any sharp objects on your roof or sides such as solar panels, antennas, etc.
  • It's much easier to tie a rope to the bag and lift it up to the roof instead of trying to carry it up the ladder with one hand
  • When walking around the roof during the installation, be careful where you step
  • You can start your RV's engine or run your generator when covered, but make sure the cover is not covering or near any exhaust pipes
  • If you run your gas heater, be sure the cover is not covering the hot air heater vent as it will burn a hole through your new cover
  • Finally, make sure you unzip any necessary side panels before expanding any slides.
So there you have it. Keep your RV looking as good as new with a new RV cover. It is worth the investment and a "must have" for me.

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I am interested what was the price of this huge cover :) ???
Tito /
These covers start at around $200 and up based on the size of your RV. Check out the EmpireCovers link in the post for detailed pricing.
Alex /
This is a wonderful RV cover:) By the way, $200 is not expensive.
Tito /
I agree Alex. I'm still loving mine.