My Favorite Cool RVs

I'm a sucker for cool and amazing boats and RVs. Aren't you? Whether it's a boat with a helicopter pad or an RV with a deck, I would go see it and say "Wow...if I was Tiger Woods I would have one of these."

When my wife and I were much younger, we used to go to the "Street of Dreams" tour in Seattle. We could tour multi-million dollar homes and dream. I would be thinking "how much does it cost to heat this place" and my wife would be wondering how long it would take her to fill the enormous walk in closet.

This is what I used to enjoy about going to the annual RV or boat shows. Along with the new standard models on display, there was usually at least one RV or boat that was the buzz of the show. You would hear "ooohs" and "aaaahs" as mere mortals such as us walked through.

But, as the RV industry continues to struggle, RV dealers seem to be keeping inventory down and selling a lot more consignments, travel trailers and fifth-wheels. The annual RV show seems to be an extension of that. This is an understandable side-effect of a struggling industry I guess.

So here is a collection of some of my favorite cool and extreme RVs from past and present. Enjoy!

The Country Coach Veranda

Country Coach Veranda
The only RV on my list that I've actually toured in person is the Country Coach Veranda. At the RV show we couldn't wait to walk through it. The salesman even had it roped off with velvet rope and required you sign in before stepping on the red carpet. I have to say it was pretty cool, but I didn't give my real phone number.


Having a deck on your home is not uncommon. However, adding a deck on an RV is a different thing all together. Country Coach figured out a way to add a roomy deck to a luxury motor coach without compromising any amenities inside. With a push of a button, this coach produces a full sized deck off of the living area. There was even a sliding glass door just like at home. This coach is also packed full of automated features.

Mercedes Benz Zestros
This is what you get when you put a luxury RV on military off-road chassis. Two Mongolian millionaires who love to hunt, had this custom RV built in Germany. 

Loaded with modern furnishings and electronics, this vehicle is lets you travel in style under the most extreme conditions. Oh and it sports a garage for your ATV and other toys. Click "Replay" below for a photo slide show of this cool rugged coach.

Terra Wind Amphibious RV


I first featured this amphibious RV two years ago and it is still one of the coolest RVs I've ever seen. Read my post from May 2009. Not only does this RV turn into the ultimate house boat, it is also packed full of luxury features.

If you've got the money and want an RV and a houseboat, then this is the coach for you.

Volkner Mobil
German built Volkner RVs are some of the most technically sophisticated and stylish RVs out there. Leave it to the Germans to build an RV with a garage in the basement for your sports car. Volkner has a few garage models to choose from. Here are some pictures.

As you can see below, Volkner has several cool models to choose from.

Trucks Trucks Trucks
Finally there are these giants. These RVs are basically Kenworth and Freighliner semi-truck conversions so you'll probably need a commercial drivers license to operate one. I've seen these custom built monsters parked at NASCAR or NHRA races and have wondered "where do you get one of those?" You'll definitely feel like the king of the road behind the wheel of one of these. Here are a couple from Kingsley Coach.




Well that's it for this dose of cool RVs. Do you have any other favorites. Let me know.

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Myles /
Great pictures! I love all your choices and they are all super cool.I think the Volkner Mobil is one of my favorite. How I wish to have one myself. Thanks for sharing this post!
Tito /
Thanks Myles. I think I'd go for the Veranda myself, but they are all pretty cool in their own way. It's always fun to dream.
Paddy /
a combination of the veranda within the amphibium coach would also be very great. maybe with a springboard.