Gas station chit chat and rising gas prices

By on Sunday, March 13, 2011

Has this ever happened to you? This happened to me last week. I'm stopped at a gas station fueling up my RV and a woman pumping gas says in a slightly judgmental tone "Boy! I bet it costs a fortune to put gas in that thing." Oh boy I thought. Then I replied "well it's a 55 gallon tank and I don't let it get very low", then watched her expression change as she tried to do the math.

Here's another one I get a lot, "What kind of mileage do you get with that thing?" I'll say "not too bad." Of course, I could say "well that depends on whether or not I'm towing my car, or if I'm driving over the mountains, or if I'm in stop and go traffic, or if I'm driving into a headwind, and so on..." So given the weight of my RV and it's contents I'd say my mileage is "not too bad" and leave it at that.

I know that RVs are considered luxury items, but RVers often get a bad rap at the pump especially when gas prices start going up. It is as if some think we're there just wasting gas. Not true I say. The truth of the matter is that RV travel is often more economical than flying, eating out, and sleeping in hotels. Most of us RVers already know this and would add "it's just a better way to travel." But the reality is that gas prices are rising again. So what do we do? Do we stop using our RVs?

I try not to let rising gas prices get me down. But for many, rising gas prices have a strange affect on their psyche. There are many ways to mitigate the rising cost of gas while traveling. We just have to get creative and watch our overall spending. Staying longer and driving less, is also a great way to cut costs especially if you are full-timing. In the Summer of 2008 we covered several thousand miles in 11 days visiting Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore and other sites. It was right at the peak of the last gas crisis. We averaged $3.79 to $4.40 per gallon on the trip. It was also one of the most memorable and fun trips I've ever had.

2006 to 2011 average gas prices from

The fact of the matter is that average gas prices are still .60 cents below what they were in July of 2008. So plan well and have fun. Sure it might cost a little more than last year, but it's still worth it. I'm really looking forward to hitting the road this year in the RV and I hope you are too.

By the way, what kind of mileage does a 747 get? I have no idea but it can't be that good.


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