RV or Houseboat? Check out the Terra Wind Amphibious Coach

By on Sunday, May 10, 2009

Imagine driving your class A coach right down the boat ramp into the water. With the new Terra Wind amphibious motor coach you can do just that. This thing is seriously Chitty Chitty Bang Bang....RV style. You can even extend the slides and diving platform to complete the house boat transformation. Too cool...but the $1.2 million price tag puts it out of reach for most of us. It would be cool though just to see the expression on the faces of boaters at the marina as you drive it into the water. Someone will probably call 911.

What's next? Maybe a flying RV like in the old Disney movie "Escape to Witch Mountain" in which the Winnebago flies away at the end. Who wouldn't want one of those. Right? -T


  1. Very interesting article, as this has been discuss frequently on our Houseboat website. The idea of RV and Houseboats seems to go well together.

    My wife and I have been living on our houseboat for the last 10 years, and there have been many requests for amphibious RV style houseboat conversions on our forums.

    One of the big benefits to the RV is the expandable partitions that extend outside to increase the living space.

    Now mind you, the price tag might be beyond reach for many folks. That's why our houseboat plans, and build your own boat section are the most popular and visited pages.

    Thanks again for an interesting article.

    I just wanted to share my 2 cents worth.

    IAN from www.all-about-houseboats.com

  2. Thanks for your comments Ian. The RV/Houseboat sure seems like a great idea. I hope to take one for spin/float someday.

  3. Really both are similar to each other in many ways one can define them a moveable homes , flexi homes only differnce in both is house boat moves in water where as RV moves in road .

  4. Just seems like some folks had too much time on their hands.

  5. My hubby is already planning for our retirement (I'm not even 50 yet!) in either an RV or a houseboat. This looks like a good combination of both worlds, but its really expensive for my tastes. Good thing hubby is only looking at a long island used boats page.


Let me know what you're thinking. I welcome your comments. Thanks -Tito

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